Saturday, August 16, 2008

Viral Marketing & Funny: Officemax Penny Pranks Series

OfficeMax is pulling out a serious effort on the Viral Marketing/TV/YouTube effort. I saw a commercial tonight with a guy using a hidden camera walking into a liquor store to buy things with pennies. And the store clerk refused. The theme is that OfficeMax will take your pennies in their "penny sale". They followed-up with a YouTube URL ( asking audience to checkout other penny pranks. I think this is funny, smart and a nice push on their viral/youtube effort. Kudos to OfficeMax

YouTube / OfficeMax Channel Here


theescapepod said...


Thanks for the nice words about our penny pranks campaign. As you can imagine it was a lot of fun to shoot. And the merchants we pranked were great sports about it once they found out.



jacob said...

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