Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coach Tom, from Staples Viral Marketing, Funny

Staples has a pretty funny campaign going using viral marketing as key. Its their campaign where people have a chance to win back the money they've spent at Staples from 11/16 to 12/24. The campaign follows a funny coach named Tom and his convoluted take on events surrounding him. The clip below is his encounter with a group of folks practicing Tai Chi made me chuckle a bit.

Another YouTube video here, as well as his Facebook and Twitter profile.

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Michael A. Knipp said...

We love this campaign! Staples definitely hit a home run. Take a look at what we wrote about it here:

We follow Coach Tom on Twitter too. That guy - or the dude at Duffy & Shanley that they've assigned to tweet on his behalf - is hilarious!